March 21, 2017 Vicky Collins

Positioning Move – Chicago to Washington, D.C. – APRIL 18, 2018

Attention Cincinnati Railway fans,

We have a low cost positioning move available for a limited number of people.  The Moonlight Dome will be moving from Chicago on its way to Washington D.C. on Wednesday April 18, 2018.  Moonlight Dome departs Chicago at 6:40 P.M.  April 18th behind Amtrak’s #30 Capitol Limited train.  It arrives in Washington D.C.’s Union Station at 1:10 P.M on Thursday April 19, 2018 if on schedule.  Chef Bill will have light snacks and limited beverages available upon boarding and will be providing a simple breakfast and light lunch on Thursday.

Three bedrooms are available with each having two single beds in them.  Keep in mind you may be sharing the bedroom with another person.  Upon arrival into Washington’s Union Station you must leave the car and provide for your own way home.

Cost for one of the six available beds (includes a dome seat)—— $225.00 per person     Maximum six

Cost for a seat in the dome (does not include a bed)—————- $125.00 per person     Maximum twelve

First come first serve.  Email Vicky at if you want to book passage.   Tickets must be paid for before departure.  Boarding at the station in Chicago – passengers will be provided with a private car tickets for access to passenger boarding area.

There is nothing like seeing the views from a seat in a dome car. Don’t miss this rare opportunity at these obscenely low prices.


America starts right in your backyard.

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